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Big News: Google opens the doors for AI written blog articles

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By | Published 21.09.23

The Gates to Artificial Intelligence: It’s Chatbot vs Human in the SEO Battle


With the advent of AI advancement and sophistication, an emerging question that has caused some stir in the SEO world has been the impact of AI-generated text on Google Rankings. The burning question is no longer burning, courtesy of Google’s latest update. The giant tech has no objections against publishing website content authored by AI chatbots. Here’s a detailed exploration of what the new update means in digital transformation.

Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) influence is enormous. The mechanisms that govern its ranking algorithm are dynamic and continuously updated to accommodate technological advancements. With the unveiling of ChatGPT, an AI that seamlessly authors human-like text, the SEO sphere has witnessed a heightened voltage of intrigue and revelation.

Human Integration with AI: Exploring New SEO Frontiers


The proliferation of AI domain has fanned a mix of fear and curiosity among website owners. Some have speculated that leaning towards AI-written content may attract Google’s punitive measures. This sentiment is drawn from the anticipation that Google would devalue AI-authored content, a move that might compromise these websites’ ranking on search results.

However, in the light of Google’s latest update, such fears seem baseless. Whether your website content is human-written or churned from an AI engine like ChatGPT, Google doesn’t discriminate. The tech giant, it seems, is oblivious to the content’s source, focusing only on its intrinsic quality.

Decoding Google’s Stance on AI Content


Google’s official website once insisted on human-penned content. It suggested that valuable textual material ought to be human-made, for humans. However, the recent elimination of this sentiment from its website vouches for a paradigm shift in Google’s content evaluation metrics.

What matters to Google today is not who authors the content, but to whom the content caters. Google’s updated requirements vouch for Content created for humans. The company has removed the necessity that the author be human, emphasizing more on the audience’s humanity.

Quality takes the Day


Google’s changing stance toward AI-authored content is not an accidental oversight. A recent confirmation to Gizmodo affirms this shift. According to Google, the measure of a content’s quality supersedes its creation process. The tech giant says it holds the content’s quality in higher regard than its method of generation.

In summary, the fear of websites being devalued due to AI generated content seems to be unfounded. What Google insists on, is quality, human-oriented content; whether it’s written by humans or AI doesn’t seem to matter. The landscape of SEO keeps evolving to embrace innovative advancements, and publishers need to align their strategies with these trends to maximize their websites’ visibility.


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