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Terms of Use of Social Posts by Moderniqs (Free Version)

By using the free version of the Social Posts provided by Moderniqs, you accept the following terms of participation:

  1. Mentioning of Moderniqs:
    a. When using the content in a post on Facebook, Moderniqs must be mentioned in the post text. The designation “@moderniqs” is automatically added to the text and may not be removed or modified under any circumstances.
    b. Before publishing the post on Facebook, it must be ensured that Moderniqs is correctly tagged so that the mention is active.
    c. On other social networks where our content is shared, there are similar mention functions. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that Moderniqs is correctly mentioned in accordance with the regulations and functions of the respective network.
    d. Content from Moderniqs can only be used for free if the functional mention, as described, has been activated.
  2. Moderniqs Logo:
    Every Social Post of the free version provided by Moderniqs contains an image on which the Moderniqs logo is visible. This logo must be clearly and completely visible in the final post. Any manipulation, covering, or removal of the logo is strictly prohibited.
  3. No Reselling or Commercial Use:
    The content provided by Moderniqs in the free version may not be sold, rented, or used for commercial purposes beyond mentioning and displaying on social media.
  4. No Modification:
    The original design and content of the provided Social Post of the free version may not be changed, edited, or modified, except for the mention of Moderniqs as described in point 1.
  5. Disclaimer:
    Moderniqs is not liable for any damages, claims, or losses that might arise from the use, misuse, or dependence on the provided content of the free version.
  6. Termination of the Service:
    Moderniqs reserves the right to terminate or modify this service at any time without prior notice.

By using the content of the free version provided by Moderniqs, you agree to these terms of participation. Any violation of these terms may result in legal actions.

We recommend that you regularly review these terms to stay informed about any changes.